PotterCast Tour Street Team!

HEY! Do you live in any of the cities we are touring and want to be part of our street team and earn CRAZY BIG MYLEAKY POINTS?

1. Download and print off the flyer for your city and post as many as you want all over that city . THEN..

2. Take a picture of yourself next to each sign.

3. Email “Staff(at)PotterCast.com” with the subject line “pcstreetteamflyer” with all your pictures attached. Include your ‘MyLeaky’ name and a google maps link to the location where each flyer is located.

You will recieve 30 MyLeaky points for each Flyer you hang up and send in.

IMPORTANT NOTES: You must put up the flyers in places it is acceptable to do so, particular excluding private/government property. Multiple flyers placed in clusters will receive credit as ONE flyer. Recommended to put them up within a few miles of the venue, community bulletin boards (like at grocery stores) and corner posts where other flyers may sometimes be found.

Most creative posting locations and or most proven postings MAY be rewarded with PC merch at the show at our discretion 🙂

Here they are! Click the City Name for the Flyer!

Norwood, MA Confirm invite at Facebook and MyLeaky!
Brooklyn, NY Confirm invite at Facebook and MyLeaky!
Philadelphia, PA Confirm invite at Facebook and MyLeaky!
Somerset, NJ Confirm invite at Facebook and MyLeaky!
Raleigh, NC Confirm invite at Facebook and MyLeaky!
Orlando, FL Confirm invite at Facebook and MyLeaky!
Tampa, FL Confirm invite at Facebook and MyLeaky!
Metaire, LA Confirm invite at Facebook and MyLeaky!
Houston, TX Confirm invite at Facebook and MyLeaky!
Austin, TX Confirm invite at Facebook and MyLeaky!
Dallas, TX Confirm invite at Facebook and MyLeaky!
Tulsa, OK Confirm invite at Facebook and MyLeaky!
Kansas City, KS Confirm invite at Facebook and MyLeaky!
Denver, CO Confirm invite at Facebook and MyLeaky!
Salt Lake City, UT Confirm invite at Facebook and MyLeaky!
Spokane, WA Confirm invite at Facebook and MyLeaky!
Seattle, WA Confirm invite at Facebook and MyLeaky!
Portland, OR Confirm invite at Facebook and MyLeaky!
Los Angeles, CA (HBP!) Confirm invite at Facebook and MyLeaky!
Milpitas, CA Confirm invite at Facebook and MyLeaky!
Las Vegas, NV Confirm invite at Facebook and MyLeaky!
Santa Monica, CA Confirm invite at Facebook and MyLeaky!


Update: Chicago, Atlanta, and Vancouver’s venue’s are still TBA, but I’ll throw up a flyer for them shortly!


91 Responses to “PotterCast Tour Street Team!”

  1. No Chicago stop?

  2. makenzie Says:

    just wanted you tell you that the state abbreviation for Kansas is KS not KA.

  3. Phoenix Tears Says:

    What’s the venue for the Los Angeles show on July 14? Or is it not out yet? 🙂

  4. Great idea… just won’t be anywhere near where I live!

  5. Do you think you’ll have a time or a location for the Washington DC-show anytime soon? 🙂

  6. Hey, I thought you guys were doing a stop in Vancouver, Canada, but it’s not in the list. Is Seattle the closest you’re going to get to us west coast canucks?

    • Kathadoodle Says:

      There is a Vancouver stop. It’s on July 10th at the Vancouver Public Library according to Matt (Whomping Willow) It’s going to be awesome!!!!!

      • aweSOME!!!!11!1!1

        But why isn’t it included in the list? Inquiring Hogwarts students want to know!

    • Oh joy! Flyers for Vancouver (and Chicago, Atlanta) are just awaiting a confirmed venue! I’m itching for the chance to post posters and snap photos 🙂

      • The city will be COVERED between the two of us 🙂

      • @HarrysJulie: Perhaps we should coordinate. Send me a message at MyLeaky when the flyers are available. (I’m “strawberryjamm”).

      • Kathadoodle Says:

        I’m pretty sure the venue has been confirmed. It’s the Vancouver Library according to Matt and someone called them up to check. So who knows…

      • I was the middle-man for the set up and it was begun almost three months ago.

        The last I’d heard from anyone from PC was to leave the rest up to another member of the PC staff.

      • I just put my cat to sleep and I’m going crazy with grief 😦

        I need something to look forward to guys, where are the flyers for Vancouver?????

  7. shannie Says:

    Why there is no south-east asia stop in the whole tour??
    Disapointed wei~~~

  8. Where’s Chicago?

  9. Oh wait, I didn’t read the update. I’m a butt.

  10. Lindsay Says:

    no milwaukee?!?!?!?!?! tears!!! its okay NOBODY ever comes to milwaukee

  11. Do you guys need a place for the DC stop? Let me know.


  12. Lucybon Says:

    Looking forward to finding out exactly where the Chicago stop is. I’m in the North suburbs, but planning to come even if its in the city (hopefully MSI exhibit)

  13. When anyone makes the trip farther upstate NY I will throw the BIGGEST party…

    But until then I will travel to Norwood and take a peek at my great grandmother’s old house that is about two blocks away from the school [:

  14. Krystle Says:

    No Central Cali stop?I understand the constraints, but there is a massive population being skipped over in favor of the “Bid Cities” in Ca. Fresno would be a PERFECT place to have a PC show. You even have a date open when your in California….Just saying…

  15. mouseclickchick Says:

    where is the flyer to print off?

  16. is there go georgia stop??

    • Atlanta was on the schedule for the 25th.. If they are driving they will go right through Atlanta on their way from Raleigh to Orlando. If Atlanta is not an official stop maybe we can get them to stop and have lunch or dinner with them.

      • Jessica Says:

        I’d love an Atlanta stop, even if it’s just lunch or dinner. Do they need a place to stay? Any more updates on this?

  17. darn……i wish u guys could come to georgia!! that would be the coolest thing since Alan Jackson….

  18. Stephanie Says:

    Yeah, where’s Vancouver?!

    • Vancouver is in the south west corner of the province of BC in Canada, which puts it right on the US/Canada border due north of Seattle, WA.


  19. What happened to Atlanta? Need help with the Atlanta Stop let me know.

  20. Annette Says:

    *waits patiently for Chicago info* ❤

  21. RaveKatie Says:

    Chiiiiiiitownnnnn where are youuuuu?

    Ravenclaw needs points big time. I’m doin this. So =….wheres that flyer?

  22. janflora Says:

    Come to Virginia! plz!

  23. Jessica P Says:

    Oh oh please do come Down Under for a tour if you guys get a chance. I hate missing out on this sort of stuff cause I live in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Since I can’t put this up on the presently down PC.com atm, here( http://fc00.deviantart.com/fs44/f/2009/156/9/0/Geisha_tattoo_done__by_HPFanNZ.jpg ) is that tattoo that I had been talking about getting over there. I hope some people will like it(sorry Meli, couldn’t help meself).

  24. *ariana_dumbledore* Says:

    Well the show I’m probably going to is Tampa show, but unfortunately, I don’t live there (I live 4.5 hours away) so I can’t do this….any chance people like me can find a way to earn some points?? Ravenclaw really needs them 😉

    • ravekatie Says:

      Yes ariana, we really, really do. So I’m gonna print out as many flyers as I can! I’m emptying out my memory card for all the pictures!!! 🙂

  25. ravekatie Says:

    All right, flyers will soon be up for Chicago! Great!! 🙂 I wonder where it’ll be at? The museum, perhaps? Oooh that would be so fun!!! Ah, but don’t get your hopes up, Katie….

  26. watchmesoar Says:

    What about the Washington, DC stop??

  27. Forest S. Says:

    i hope there will be news on the chicago show! everyone who lives near chicago should come to the remus lupins concert. it will be in the evanston public library on friday….

  28. What about Cedar Point? Are you guys still planning on going on the 18th, or the 17th?

  29. Lexi*the*Auror Says:

    Where is the flyer for St. Louis, MO? I thought they were going there on July 3rd.

  30. I get that there’s never ever going to be a Milwaukee stop…but whatever happened with Chicago?

  31. Is Sacramento still happening?

  32. Apologies for adding to the ‘OMG ARE YOU COMING HERE!?’ comments, but is anyone from Leaky going to be at any of the film premieres while you’re on tour? =)

  33. Dolemite Says:

    So did anyone get points yet for posting flyers? I sent my email last week and haven’t received my points.

  34. YES! VEGAS! YES!
    the world isn’t such a horrible place after all.

  35. dinahrose Says:

    Where can street team pplz post things on myleaky (like fun places to eat in the different cities e.g. the Hotdog Palace featured in a Vlog) AND does anyone know anything about “Finding Hogwarts”? ….when was it done?! and and and yeah!

  36. VioletPhoenix Says:

    Just a quick question. the dates for Portland, Oregon on this site say July 12th but on the Leaky page when its scrolling through all the dates it says a different date. Any way to find out which one is the right one so I can post flyers?

    • Kathadoodle Says:

      The dates on this site are the correct ones, not the ones on MyLeaky. These ones correlate with Whomping Willows dates on MySpace and he confirmed that his were right.

  37. nyteflite Says:

    i thought you guys were coming to sacramento.. guess not. i was looking forward to it. :/

  38. PinkDumbledore Says:

    PLZ PLZ PLZ someone tell me… which is the Azkatraz one? i know one of them you have to be registered to Azkatraz to attend, which one is that?

  39. t2nzumi Says:

    The Seattle one is taking place in Bellevue, Washington.

    I’m really excited to meet you guys!

  40. so do you think it will be wierd if I put the posters in Victoria….. even though its in Van??

    • Absolutely not! Victoria isn’t that far away, really, and if someone here is willing to travel for 4.5 hours to see the show in Tampa, FL why wouldn’t Victoria area HP fans be willing to come over to Vancouver? 🙂

      So I say “GO FOR IT”!

  41. Nicole360 Says:

    LOL, I love how this comment thread is dominated by anxious British Columbians! I’m coming out for the Vancouver show, but it will be a close call seeing as I finish work at 1pm and need to catch the ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver (not to mention the hour of Vancouver transit). I’m going to Azkatraz though so if something impedes me from making it I have a 2nd chance.

    • Well they so rarely actually come to Canada, we’re just so excited that they’ve chosen *US*.

      In fact, I’m not sure that Pottercast has ever *been* to Canada on tour before and, even if they have, it was certainly out east, probably somewhere like Toronto or Ottawa.

      So “Yaaaaaay” for Pottercast coming to British Columbia!!!!

  42. Did you guys cancel the DC stop? You don’t have it in your list, or on the update list. Is it still going to happen?

  43. I hate where I live Says:

    ROARZ!!!! If you came anywhere near buffalo, new york I’d plaster the place with fliers. Boo-Hoo.

  44. oh come on Says:

    Why no Pittsburgh PA? Philly is on the other side of the state! I can’t go!!!

  45. There is a Washington DC stop listed on the Remus Lupins page- are you guys still planning on making that stop? I sure hope so because that’s the only one I can come to…

  46. RaveKatie Says:


    So when is the Chicago flyer being put up, I really wanted to do the pictures, but now I’m not sure if I’ll have enough time to do them!! No fair….

  47. Vancouverite (im)patiently waiting for fliers to post…!

  48. Illinoisgirl Says:

    I am trying to plan out my fourth of July weekend plans. What is the plan for Chicago?

  49. sparklypurplecloud Says:

    Okay. One day you have to do a tour in the UK…please? We’d welcome you here in Edinburgh, seriously! We love Pottercast!

  50. Jessica Says:

    Hey all the Atlanta peeps…don’t know if you saw this, but the ATL show has been determined. It’s tomorrow night (6/25) in Decatur, an outside show. You can get details on the Remus Lupins’ Myspace page, among other places.

    • Geez… the Remus Lupins’ web site also lists Vancouver’s show as July 10th at the Downtown Public Library. If the venue is confirmed WHY AREN’T THERE ANY FLYERS AVAILABLE!?!?!?!!??!?!?!??

      I’m half tempted to grab a copy of one of the flyers from the other shows and modify it appropriately….

  51. Taryn Parker Says:

    I can’t wait for the Vancouver event! I’m looking to forward to meeting everybody! I hope people will say hi. I’m coming on my own all the way from the Yukon! Are there other people coming from out of town? Also, I know there already have been some reminders of this, but the Vancouver event is Friday, July 10th not July 12th and it is being held at the Vancouver Public Library.

  52. Ahh when will we know about Chicago? I know it’s “coming soon” but it’s supposed to be on 4th of July weekend. I’m fine with that, but I’d like to make plans, so… Some information would be nice. If not a confirmed venue, then I’d at least like to know if the show will or will not actually happen that weekend…


    I got tired of waiting, so I grabbed a bunch of the other city’s flyers, confirmed the details at the Remus Lupins’ web site, then cut, pasted, masked and cloned until I’d MADE MY OWN!!!

    Feel free to download it and print your own: http://www3.telus.net/strawberryjamm/jamm/friends_family/710_Vancouver.pdf

    • Thank God you took charge on this one!

      • Okay all of us in Vancouver, I’ll take Main Street and Commercial Drive since I live right my there!

      • I live in Port Moody, right on the border of “Burquitlam” so I can easily post some in the Lougheed Mall area as well as in the main areas of Port Moody. I could also do some areas of Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam unless there’s someone else in those areas.

  54. HollyHogwarts Says:

    i thought you guys were making a stop in Sacramento CA as well, but i don’t see it. hope you guys are still coming because thats the only show i have any chance to get to.

  55. Do we have a Chicago location / flyer yet? You are severely limiting the Chicago people from getting MyLeaky points! Especially since this is a holiday weekend and some of us won’t have a ton of time to go hang them up all weekend!!!

    Please post it soon!!!

  56. Illinoisgirl Says:

    What is going on with the Chicago date???? I am trying to finish up my plans for the weekend…

  57. Should I just cut and paste my own flier too? The July 14th flier has the wrong time on it. I was told at Whimsic Alley that it all ends at 11:30 and the flier says it starts at 11:45! There will be two pre-release screenings starting at 2:00P.M. and the Wizard Rock dance party starts at 5:00 P.M.

  58. hey, i saw you guys on the road today! nice van btw.
    im not sure where i was… im on the tail end of a mega long roadtrip… but maybe oklahoma? or missouri?
    it was awesome. i texted my friends about it too =]
    too bad youre not coming to detroit, so we cant come see you =[

  59. Hey Vancouverites! First off THANKS JENNI, finally we have some to put up! I’ll do SFU and Brentwood mall area as well as Metrotown! Can’t wait to meet every one! Can you believe its only one week away?

  60. We now have info about the CHICAGO show! SQUEE!

    July 5th @ 2pm
    The Oak Park Public Library
    834 Lake Street


  61. Oh, and I didn’t mention it’s in Oak Park, IL.

  62. VioletPhoenix Says:

    The times have changed for the Portland event!!!! Check the other websites!

  63. WHERE IS CHICAGO I AM WAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. waiting for chicago……
    god there is like a million places to do it!
    like a library or the muesuem of science and industry or the palivian!
    like anywhere in Millennium park.

  65. at the oak park library was that the stop????

  66. sue and Melissa weren’t even there!

  67. They already did the Chicago stop. It was at the Oak Park Library. We didn’t find out any info until like a day before the show, plus Sue and Melissa weren’t even there. If I didn’t live so close to Oak Park, I wouldn’t have even gone. No offense guys, but it was kind of a lame show… Except for the dancing Storm Trouper. That was pretty rad.

  68. Your body is a temple, but how long can you live in the same house before you redecorate? ~Author Unknown

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