Hey! Welcome to PotterCast’s Mini Blog!

Hey guys!  We’re going on tour soon! Our server for PotterCast.com has been broke since LeakyCon, and not sure when it’ll be back with leaving tour soon and everything. In the meantime, watch this blog as well as our twitter (Follow us!)

Info on helping out with the PotterCast street team as well as all of our latest tour dates to come later today!




13 Responses to “Hey! Welcome to PotterCast’s Mini Blog!”

  1. You had a lot of work in LC, and now barely week after you go on tour. Don’t frak out about the site.
    We understand.

  2. Staying tuned – did I hear you guys were passing through DC?


  3. Sorry to contact you this way, but where the heck is PotterCast? I mean I listen to your PodCast, and you are always referencing live questions. When and where do these sessions take place.

    By the way, all of your links thru Leaky seem to be broken.

  4. mouseclickchick Says:

    don’t worry about the site…we Do understand and live with crap like this everyday. hope you’ve got great help to get that bad boy running!

  5. crushonlupin Says:

    I thought I remembered hearing that there was a stop in Chicago and a trip to the exhibition, right? But I don’t see it on the schedule. Anyone know when that will be? And BTW, I saw the exhibition in Chicago. It was very cool! I wish I could go again and again! Love you guys!

  6. Aw, poor site. Have you released the fact Moocha ate it to the press?

  7. Your show used to be really good, but recently it’s all about your four and not so much about the books. I hope you use the tour to refocus and get back to what counts–the characters and the story! I turned off your last episode after about 10-15 minutes because it was all inside jokes and had nothing to do with the story. Maybe you had stuff about the books later on, but if so, it took you a heck of a long time getting there. Shape up, Pottercast! I miss your original brilliance!

  8. pottershrink Says:

    Come on Pottercast – we miss you, get this site and the shows up and running again. A few thousand fans will touch base with you via the tour, but your big and original fanbase is via Pottercast. Don’t forget us.

  9. Waaaaa, booo, you’re not coming to DC! What’s up, Melissa, this is your alma mater city! You have fans here!

  10. hurry up with Chicago! i need to start posting them everywhere!
    i need to know the time date and everything!!!!!!!

  11. hey im a new to potter cast. but i wish you would do more of the al potter and the founders fountain. thats all thanks.

    ps. im a big fan to but not alot of other people like harry potter at my school i wish you would have a blog so you could talk to people in your area that like harry potter

  12. Common guys, a blog is for blogging, and you’re not. No podcast, no blogging, what about the rest of us that don’t tour?


  13. I needed to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoyed every
    little bit of it. I have you book-marked to check out new
    stuff you post…

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